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Cheryl H. Ashworth, Designer

Art and Design has always been a part of me. I can remember drawing all the animal pictures in the magazines as a kid and sending them off to see if I had won some fabulous prize. Of course, this was to get your name and address for art school. Daddy even agreed to have them come and talk with me when I was a young teen, but we quickly found out that the prices they were charging were not something we could afford. Daddy said that he had too many children to raise on a poor farmers salary, to invest so much in one child.

I took art classes in junior high and high school, as often as I could and my dream was to become a fashion designer and was accepted in Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta. Well, in the midst of all the college preparations I fell in love with the man of my dreams and could not move so far away from home to fulfill my dreams of design. I did receive an Associates Degree in Merchandise Management in August 1979 from a local college. I begin a new endeavor that I worked with for about 30 years, designing wedding and birthday cakes to order. With artwork to match the theme of many parties, I personally hand drew multitudes of designs with colored icing. I amazed myself many times and continued this endeavor while raising my family.

From 1990 - 2005, in my Image/Skincare/Spa Consulting Career I began to use a computer and realized what amazing things that could be created on a computer. That began back in the day of DOS, for those who are old enough to remember the complexity of those first computers, and dot matrix printers. With the technology of computers and all the wonderful programs available today, I believe the sky is the limit. I have designed so many flyers, cards, postcards and more in that 15 year time span, that it has given me an advantage in the knowledge of what can be done.

In 2008 I began taking classes to learn more about web design, designing graphics on the computer and more. I received an Associate's Degree in Marketing with a specialization in Electronic Commerce, Web Design Certificate, and a Photography Certificate in the Spring of 2009. With years of expertise in art and design, and a desire to learn and achieve more, is the result of this website. With your ideas and mine, we will develop what you need for your business or personal needs, that you will be proud to share with others, and you won't break the bank accomplishing that.